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What 10 years inside the cinema industry taught us...

Apr 29, 2020 9:37:50 AM / by Astrid Jansen

… Or why the Moonday team is committed to reset the cinema industry working standards.

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Working from the inside of the cinema industry for more than 10 years, Olivier Bronckart (Les Films du Fleuve, Versus Production, Inver Tax-Shelter, O’Brother distribution,…)  experienced how tedious some operations can be. Like many of you, he faced the loss of time, energy and money due to cinema market inertia and the lack of appropriate tools for monitoring processes in the film industry. In 2018 Olivier left all his production, distribution and tax-shelter activities to devote himself to a new challenge: Moonday, an all-in-one tool for cinema and audiovisual professionals. 

Olivier joined his force with technology experts having demonstrated successful software development achievements in the past. Today, Moonday is first and foremost a tool, that helps cinema professionals in their daily work as a : private CRM tool, a professional social network, an up-to-date database, a Timeline of daily news and a rights management software to help you streamline the complex rights landscape. Moonday is also a collaborative platform. The more active users there will be, the more complete and easier to process the info will be! At the end of the day, it's a big step for everyone.

And here we are... writing our first blog post. Our goal is to bring together cinema and audiovisual professionals (producers, distributors, sales agent, film funds, festivals, institutes,...) with a practical cinema management tool but also with relevant ideas. With this blog, we want to start the conversation, develop ideas and we're opening up the debate!

Making connection in the film industry

As we know that data is the raw material of our entire industry, we’ve developed data collection, management and analytics frameworks fully dedicated to films. But Moonday is not just another IMDB. It aims to create links between companies thanks to the productions they have in common but, also, it creates opportunities, thanks to dynamic tools, to organize your work, save time and discover new projects. In two words, Moonday is “making connection”. Moonday, the app, helps cinema professionals in their daily work. And, here, as we wrote above, we want to go further and write about the industry in general.

Note that your reactions are welcomed! Comments, ideas or anything you feel relevant for our business. And please feel free to get up to date with more upcoming articles soon! We will try to write here as often as we can. We will try to give you tips and ideas to help you better understand and grow your business. We hope you’ll get the answers you need here or that, at least, we’ll inspire you better ways to work. 

What’s moonday ? Moonday is what we think the future of industry is gonna look!

Used to festivals and professional meetings, Olivier had to deal with an enormous flow of information. And he has always wondered how to manage that. The Moonday team went to the European Film Market in Berlin in February and received more catalogues in one week than you could get in a lifetime in your mailbox! You know… suitcases cannot be the solution. Mountains of promotional brochures and trade magazines are distributed in each market festival, not to mention the hundred emails sent daily. The image is clear : the problem is not only organizational, it’s also ecological.

Moonday centralizes all the information and the tools you need for your daily work. So, to be clear… We are not going to lie to you today: our ambition is huge. We are aiming to be THE solution for cinema professionals. Moonday is a project that only makes sense if it has an international vocation, which is fortunately the case…

So Welcome to the launch of our new blog. We are very excited to share with you more of what Moonday has to offer! We are bursting with lots of ideas and inspiration coming your way…


See you soon on Moonday!


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Written by Astrid Jansen

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