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Boost your visibility on Moonday!

Dec 15, 2020 9:13:27 AM / by Hélène Lambert


Whether your productions are still in development or already completed, all your films and series have their place in your Moonday catalogue!

Your films catalogue is your showcase. 

Your next project is in development? Make it visible on Moonday to attract professionals' attention and collaboration.

Your previous productions reveal your creative potential. They will encourage partners to approach you on new projects.

NB: this video is also available in French and Dutch versions.  


A complete and up-to-date catalogue.

As soon as you subscribe to Moonday, part of your personal or your company's filmography is already available on the platform. It is made possible thanks to artificial intelligence, automatic learning and our team's encoding.

However, some elements of your filmography may be missing. To update your catalogue, you can edit yourself information about the movies you have worked on. The more complete and detailed your filmography is, the more visibility it will achieve!

Community feed brings quality content ! 

To make its database as detailed and pertinent as possible, Moonday relies on its users involvement and community feed.

What does community feed mean? It is a process by which users feed and enrich the data by adding relevant information and establishing links between the data already present.

It's up to you! Be proactive, update your movies catalogue and make it noteworthy to your future partners!


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Written by Hélène Lambert

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