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Communicate with your colleagues on Moonday!

Jan 26, 2021 10:23:03 AM / by Hélène Lambert

Are you overwhelmed by e-mails? Communicate privately with your colleagues directly on Moonday!
Write a note on Moonday by tagging one or more of your colleagues. They will be informed by receiving a notification.

You can link your note to a production, a professional or a company. Following the principle of a file attachment, by referencing a film, a producer or a festival, it will allow the receivers of your notes to have a look at their Moonday board in one click.

Are you looking for a note among all those already written in Moonday? A search motor allows you to find your note by indicating keywords, the author's name or one of the entities linked to this note.

NB: this video is also available in French and Dutch versions.  

In addition to writing notes, it is also possible to assign tasks to your colleagues. In this case, also, you can directly link your task to a film or series, to a professional or a company. Furthermore, you can add the deadline for which this task must be completed. The person to whom you have assigned this task will be notified.

NB: this video is also available in French and Dutch versions.  

The tasks will be classified according to their degree of urgency: those to be finalised on today or within the next seven days. 

You can also access tasks already completed as well as tasks assigned to other colleagues.

No more non-stop e-mails! Take advantage of Moonday to communicate quickly, efficiently and privately with your colleagues.

Save a great amount of time by carrying out a maximum of your work actions on Moonday and invite your colleagues to join you on the platform!

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Written by Hélène Lambert

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