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How to bring your cinema & audiovisual projects into Moonday

Jun 10, 2020 10:22:59 AM / by Astrid Jansen

Move the follow-up of your projects into Moonday’s Manage Functionalities, and help your team leave heavy tools like email behind.

When it comes to audiovisual productions - whether it's for production, distribution or prospecting - there is a lot of information to find and follow. Before you realize it, your workspace looks like a David Lynch’s labyrinth while you would prefer a Wes Anderson style for your space. Centralization is really all you need which is why Moonday has been created.

Imagine one and only place where you could find all the notes, conversations, tasks and information related to production. A place where any of your colleagues can join, get up to speed, and leave as wanted. This is what work looks like when your team shifts the follow-up of a project out of email and note books and catalogs into Moonday. 

Sans titre

"Moonday proposes to go digital without taking away the importance of face-to-face meetings for professionals. Thanks to Moonday, distributors and sales agents save a considerable amount of time, while producers have the opportunity to make their developing projects known more easily." Olivier Bronckart, co-founder and ceo. 

Moonday, how does it work ? 

Very simple in appearance, you will discover as you use it that Moonday allows a multitude of dynamic and efficient tools. Moonday is divided into two parts: EXPLORE and MANAGE.

1. An advanced search tool and a complete Timeline 

The Explore part of Moonday allows you to find audiovisual productions according to very specific criteria. Also, you can find information on "Companies", "People" and "Festivals and Awards". 

Each production, person, company or festival has its own complete file. For example, find for each film, the list of partners. Moonday is a collaborative platform, a user can declare rights for a production and modify the information of a file. Moonday controls the veracity of the information.

According to a system of "Follows", the user's Timeline is enriched with relevant information according to his interests (new information available on Moonday and industry news).

Capture d’écran 2020-06-09 à 15.26.50 

2. Communicating with your team has never been easier!

The Manage section allows to organize the user's work thanks to a Pipeline and a Catalogue but also to create notes and tasks. All this in a totally secure environment that is visible only to the user and his team. 

Companies with rights or a contract on a film have a CATALOGUE. They can add films to their catalogue by going through a film's file, clicking on “Rights overview" then "Add to my catalogue".

The user can follow the complex rights landscape with the RIGHTS CLAIMING functionality, which allows a user to declare acquired or assigned rights to a film. MOONDAY notifies the declaration to the relevant counterparty who is invited to validate or invalidate the information.

During a meeting with two potential partners, they can see in one click the films they have in common in their respective catalogues. 

3. How to use the Pipeline ? 

With a drag-and-drop system, the PIPELINE groups together films for which the user's company has a specific interest.

To add a movie, just click on ADD TO and choose the destination column. It's easy, you'll find this button attached to each production by browsing Moonday

Capture d’écran 2020-06-09 à 15.33.53


4. Create Notes & Tasks

In the Manage section, go to the Notes page. Enter a note and link it to a production and/or a company and/or a person. You can also mention colleagues by adding “@” before their name. You can find your notes in your Inbox, your Timeline or the Timeline of a production.

Looking for a specific note? Find it by filtering your search according not only to their author, but also to the production, person, company or even colleague mentioned.

Creating tasks will help you organize your work in the context of prospecting as well as selling or commercialization and administration. Find the Tasks page in your Manage section. Enter a task and assign it to one or more of your colleagues. You are also able to select the date by which the task must be completed. Finally, link your task to a production and/or a company and/or a person..

Capture d’écran 2020-06-10 à 10.18.43

Now what?

Once you’ve understood how Moonday works, the possibilities are very much interesting for your company. Get acquainted with Moonday and become a Moonday master ! And to help you with that, during the next few weeks, on this blog, we will develop complete articles on specific features.

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Written by Astrid Jansen

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