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How to Get the Most of Moonday's Pipeline for your film & tv projects?

Jul 25, 2020 9:41:30 AM / by Moonday

And then being more efficient, collaborative and... relaxed at work than ever! 


Capture d’écran 2020-07-25 à 09.35.43Did you know that Oscar winning films such as JUNO, THE KING’S SPEECH and ARGO were basically throwaway scenarios? Every year, thousands of incredible scenarios slip through the cracks. The Moonday's Pipeline can help you follow projects you might not have thought of. 

With Moonday, you can organise your audiovisual productions prospects thanks to the Pipeline tool which is fully secured and visible only to you and your team! Also, Moonday is bringing many cinema and tv companies together to communicate and collaborate. Indeed, on Moonday App, find all the partners you're looking for !

In your Pipeline, you find all the cinema and audiovisual productions in which your company has an acquisition interest. Productions are arranged according to the level of prospecting.


On your Pipeline wall, You can always manually drag a production-card from one step to another.

On any production sheet, you can click on "Add to" (or the level of prospecting) and the production will be automatically added to your to your Pipeline. Choose the prospecting level progress and the production will be automatically added to the corresponding step in your Pipeline.


Why is your Pipeline useful ?

Moonday and its Pipeline are here to help get a clearer view. You can organize the projects you’re interested in and move them from one category to another by a simple drag and drop. By using Moonday, you reduce distractions and notifications by using too much different app or tools. Here everything you need to work is centralized.

So… are you ready to start a new digital experience with our solution dedicated to cinema? I got it, let’s use the Pipeline!

Now that you understood how Moonday can help you centralize and simplify your work, ask your colleagues to join you on your Pipeline. You would like more information through a quick discussion surrounding our new platform? Please let us know by contacting us. 


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Written by Moonday

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