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Learn how to use our new Festivals & Awards feature!

Sep 28, 2020 11:33:21 AM / by Marie Mathieu

Our new Festivals & Awards feature has arrived! Find everything you want to know about your favourite film festivals on Moonday!

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The Festivals & Awards feature is divided into different categories which will help you find any information you need about a film festival. This article will provide you with an insight as to how the feature and its different sections work.



The about section will provide you with crucial information about the festival you are interested in: its address, a phone number and e-mail, a description of the festival, the dates of its next or current edition,… If you’re looking for the main information about a festival, this is where you need to go.





The timeline gives you access to the latest news on a festival: each time the festival has been mentioned in an article, the news appears in its timeline. This way, you will be able to keep up-to-date with the event and the movies that have been selected. When a film has been added to the competition or when a prize is awarded, it will also become visible on the timeline.



As its name indicates, the selection section lists every film that has been selected by a festival in its different competitions, but also films which are off competition and have been selected for special screenings or as opening or closing films. You have the opportunity to follow these films and to add them to your pipeline (click here to learn more about the pipeline).




The Festivals & Awards feature of course also allows you to find the different awards which have been won by productions, directors, writers or actors. When clicking on the Awards tab, you will find every prize that has been awarded, as soon as it is announced. 



Our new feature also gives you access to the complete programme of a festival and gives you information such as projections' time and venues. It also specifies if the projection is private, public or dedicated to the press, and if you need a badge or invitation to access the screening.




Related Festivals 

Looking for the festivals linked to a festival you like? Click on the Related Festivals tab.


Notes & Tasks 

Just like with productions and societies, the Festivals & Awards feature allows you to share notes with and assign tasks to your team members. This way, the feature helps you communicate easily with your team on festivals and screenings.


With Moonday, looking for information on film festivals has never been easier!  Join us on! 

Written by Marie Mathieu

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