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Learn How to Use Saved Searches on Moonday

Nov 16, 2020 2:57:45 PM / by Marie Mathieu

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Looking for a way to keep an eye on new productions that you might find interesting? The ‘saved searches’ feature is one of the many functionalities offered by Moonday to help you in your daily work as a cinema or audiovisual professional. Discover in this article how to make the most of it.


Why are saved searches useful?

Search for complete and specific information about productions, companies and people! Our database offers you the opportunity to save specific searches with many different criteria.

The feature is also very useful for film prospecting and for finding attractive projects: No need to chase after information on the whole Internet anymore! Every time a production that matches the criteria of one of your saved searches appears on the platform, Moonday will notify you. 

Every saved search you create will help artificial intelligence decide what is going to appear on your timeline. This way, this timeline is personalized according to your own interests! Get all the information that you need at a glance!

Moonday’s database also helps you find every production that you have in common with another company, which is of great help if you have a meeting planned with the members of this company and want to know about the ties you have with them, for instance. As you may have guessed, the reasons to use our database are multiple!


How to create a saved search?

First, you need to know that you can create saved searches for productions, as well as for companies or people. Let’s take the ‘productions’ tab as an example.

Moonday’s search engine allows you to look for productions according to different criteria: type of production (movie feature, short film, series,...), stage (in development, in pre-production,...), genre (drama, horror, fantasy,...), nationality, language, rights availability, release date,... 

You can decide to do your research according to one single criterion, but you can also opt for our cross-reference feature and use several criteria. All you need to do is choose the different criteria which are relevant to your search. For instance, if you are looking for horror films that are currently in development, you need to check the two adequate boxes in the ‘genre’ and ‘stage’ sections. The list that will then appear on the right will only feature films for which those criteria are met.


You then have the opportunity to save that search with those specific criteria by clicking on ‘save’ and giving a name to what will become a saved search. This will enable you to be notified every time a new production corresponding to your search is encoded on the platform. You are ready to find your next big hit!



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Written by Marie Mathieu

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