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Moonday and the digitisation of work tools

Feb 8, 2021 8:42:07 PM / by Hélène Lambert

When teleworking remains the norm, when professional meetings, film markets and festivals take place mainly online, the cinema and audiovisual sector is increasingly digitising its working tools.
The exponential increase of Moonday users proves it.


Moonday is one year old!

For one year - and the launch of Moonday - more than 1.000 professionals and close to 650 companies have joined Moonday.

Since September 2020, the number of users has increased by 296,83%.
(+107,9% since December 2020)

On the companies side, this increase has reached 170,97% since September 2020.
(+41,41% since December 2020).


All sectors of the cinema and audiovisual industry are represented among the Moonday community. This platform brings together producers, distributors and international sales agents as well as independent workers, professional unions, festivals, schools...

Thanks to Moonday high-performance and personalised tools (pipeline, search filters, catalogue, notes and tasks...), each member can find the perfect functionality adapted to its specific needs.

Moreover, many international film funds and commissions have joined Moonday in recent weeks. By joining the platform, they have imported their entire catalogues of productions. This has enabled them to improve their visibility and to contribute considerably to Moonday database expansion.

As a collaborative tool, Moonday database is enriched thanks to the machine learning and artificial intelligence, but also by the Moonday community, which adds and updates information about its own productions.

The more users there are, the more complete and accurate the Moonday database will be!

Digitise the work process

Digitisation in the film and audiovisual sector has been accelerated by the covid crisis, but not only. Digital tools, such as Moonday, are more and more favoured by companies because they contribute to the improvement of various work aspects:

- Saving working time. The automation of repetitive tasks allows better optimisation of working time to achieve a given result.

 - Faster and simpler communication between colleagues and partners. The notion of distance no longer exists; information can travel instantaneously and is not limited by a geographical area.

- Digitisation also helps to limit errors, as it is easier to detect anomalies and correct them.

- Information can be shared and modified in real-time, making it much easier to work on the same project.

- Digital and analytic tools make it easier to meet customers needs and expectations thanks to a better knowledge of their users behaviour.

All these advantages allow companies to increase their productivity and work comfort. It explains the booming success of Moonday, which is the very first platform entirely dedicated to film and audiovisual professionals to offer such personalised, efficient and useful tools.

Don't wait any longer and, like thousands of film professionals, join Moonday and invite your colleagues to do so!

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Written by Hélène Lambert

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