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Nov 2, 2020 2:41:29 PM / by Moonday

Moonday offers every film and audiovisual professional personalised functionalities to simplify their lives. As professionals working in a fund, a commission, a union or a production company, discover how our collaborative platform and social network will become your best ally!


Stop Procrastinating-2-1

Increase your efficiency and work faster.

Moonday centralises the data related to all the films that you support or produce in a single database! Each piece of information finds its place there, whether it is public, shared with production partners or private and therefore accessible to your co-workers only. Thanks to its Artificial Intelligence and its centralised organisation, Moonday gives you access to a multitude of information at all times, whether you are in the office, in a meeting, on a trip... from your computer, your tablet or your smartphone. This relieves you of the tedious task of collecting and managing information. The search system allows you to clearly visualise relevant information and the saved searches feature will alert you directly when new information arrives.

Moonday itself generates a very large part of the data, but as a user, you have the opportunity to complete and enrich the data concerning the films produced or supported and thus give them greater visibility.

Missing information? Moonday will take care of it quickly! As a user, your presence on the application will activate the search engines so that you can add to the information made available on the films and partners which are linked to your company. Your actions boost this process. Are you a fund, a commission or a professional association? Contact us directly ( so that we can plan the pooling of the data you have, whatever their format. In order to ensure that the information on your productions is always up to date, Moonday has developed a simple and direct tool that allows you to solicit your partners in an organised manner by only requesting the missing information (that which is not accessible from Moonday or which has not already been shared by other users). Moonday will never ask for pre-existing information. This way you keep an eye on your productions catalogue effortlessly and without mobilising your team unnecessarily. You decide how often you want to update your information, in order not to solicit your partners too regularly.

This system will also allow you to collect private information in a totally secure environment. Only you will have access to this information. 

Willing to keep up to date on the dozens of films that you have supported or produced? Follow your productions thanks to your direct access to the news! You can also follow any company, person, festival or fund and thus benefit from instant access to the information you are interested in.

Moonday gives you access to the most relevant information without having to search for it and allows you to share, annotate and manage it!

Showcase your catalogue with Moonday and allow professionals to find relevant and useful information in an abundant and dynamic audiovisual market. Offer your productions high visibility and easy access and manage their promotion proactively! Moonday is a showcase for your productions and your activity. Making your productions accessible has never been so easy, quick and efficient!

Moonday is constantly developing new features designed for you, with you. Moonday's priority is to adapt to your needs and to make your experience easier, more intuitive and more efficient.

In December, you will be able to follow the marketing of your productions thanks to a brand new dashboard that will give you an overview of your catalogue, as well as statistics that will be updated in real-time and available at all times. You will be able to prepare your statements of account easily and quickly: avoid mobilising your teams for several weeks on tedious and boring work. We are here to save you precious time.

Each Moonday user also benefits from basic functionalities such as participative tools allowing the management of team communication, tasks, notes, a timeline allowing the follow-up of news, an advanced search tool, ... Discover these functionalities and how to use them by clicking here.

Don't miss this opportunity: join the Moonday community now and help us define the film industry of tomorrow!

Written by Moonday

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