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NOTES on Moonday... a very successful feature! How does it work? What is it for?

Jan 25, 2023 3:16:55 PM / by Esther Gerard

Notes are an effective communication tool on your platform that allows you to exchange directly with your colleagues or to store and easily retrieve information about productions, professionals or companies in a completely private and secure way. 💬

A note is simple, straightforward and avoids the need for emails, while allowing you to link your note to the links with which it is associated: a production, a company, a professional.

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Private communication

Moonday allows you to communicate with your colleagues and/or store information. When you write a note, you can tag the colleague(s) you are addressing. They will then receive a notification.

Write your first note: select the @ key on your keyboard and select the name of your collaborator (if they are not yet on Moonday, invite them to join). You can also tag multiple collaborators in one note!


Screenshot 2023-01-22 20.46.25


Clear and easy

You can also link your notes to films, series or productions, professionals or companies so that your colleagues or collaborators can find your notes from any reference.

How do you do this? Write the titles of the productions, the names of the people or companies you want to link to the note. Then select with your cursor the elements that interest you.


Screenshot 2023-01-22 21.04.15

From the film file

You can also add a note directly on the film or series page via the "Notes" button. You can do the same from the page of a professional or a company.


Screenshot 2023-01-22 21.10.34


Looking for old notes ?

You can find all the notes written by typing in the search bar either the name of the author, the title of a production, the name of a person or a company.

How do I do this? In the "Manage" tab, click on the "Notes" button. Then type in the search bar one or other keyword of a note you are looking for.


Invite your colleagues and communicate directly with them on Moonday 🚀


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Written by Esther Gerard

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