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Optimise your experience on Moonday

Aug 17, 2020 9:47:21 AM / by Astrid Jansen

Choose what you see on your timeline!

Optimise your experience on Moonday LARGE

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While Moonday already features dozens of possibilities via various tools, don't forget to start with the basics!


Here is what we suggest you to do. 

Start by following at least 20 productions, 10 companies, and 10 people. 

Create a couple of saved searches thanks to the advanced search tool that allows you to find audiovisual productions, companies and people according to very specific criteria. 

On Moonday, each production, person, company, or festival has a complete file. Moonday allows easy access to information from the cinema and audiovisual industry, which can easily be organised in a personalised way by the user. 



These simple tips are a way to get more interesting projects on your timeline, and to keep your Moonday experience relevant. Indeed, your experience is personalised according to your specific interests in the cinema and audiovisual industry. The more people and productions you follow, and the more searches you save, the more interesting your timeline becomes and the more you stay up to date!



Choose what you see

A timeline, which most people are used to on social media, can be uninteresting if you don't give it a little bit of power! By browsing on Moonday, you can follow cinema & tv productions, companies, and people. It's wonderful! Once you followed them, you will be notified of news concerning your areas of interest. Also, by saving very specific searches, which include many different criteria, you get relevant and complete results. It can be very useful for film prospecting and to find attractive projects.

Moonday wants to be an accelerator for your film & tv projects! We collect data from the cinema and audiovisual industry in order to reduce your workload and thus encourage you and your team to complete the information rather than collect and encode it.

Boost your productivity

Moonday is a web app with a simple idea: to allow cinema and audiovisual professionals (including producers, international sales agents, financing companies or funds, theatres, distributors, TV or VOD broadcasters…) to save time in their daily work. The digital platform is the interconnection between a professional social network with CRM tools, a database, and daily news. From Moonday, a company can manage all its team communication. Moonday's database is enriched and developed in real time (using machine learning and artificial intelligence). Thanks to Moonday, a collaborative solution that consists of a multitude of dynamic tools, professionals save precious time and can devote themselves fully to the production, marketing or discovery of films and series. 


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Written by Astrid Jansen

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