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Pitches MIFA: discover the new animation generation

May 18, 2021 3:41:32 PM / by Julie Sacré

Producers, distributors, financial partners... Every year, many of you are following the Annecy Film Festival and its market. Especially the Pitches to be the young generation's first partner.

The MIFA (Marché International du Film d'Animation d'Annecy) has unveiled the projects selected for this hybrid edition which will take place from 14 to 19 June. 


Short Features

Two ice creams, please by Jasmine Elsen

Two ince creams While on holiday, two friends get lost in a wild tropical forest. After spending several days wandering around, they start dreaming about ice cream.


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Balconada by Iva Tokmakchieva


On a beautiful summer day, when time seems to stand still, a sudden downpour hits the balconies of several isolated neighbours and changes their relationships.


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Gigi by Cynthia Gigi

Gigi By Cynthia Gigi

In February 2017, I saw Gigi again for the first time in 10 years. Before that, I was friends with the one I thought was William. She tells me about her transition from the little fish she was as a child to the blossoming mermaid she is today.


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Margarethe by Lucas Malbrun

Margarethe Lucas Malbrun

In the former GDR, Margarethe Lichgut, an art student in Leipzig, falls in love with Heinrich, a young punk singer. When Heinrich mysteriously disappears just before the fall of the Wall, Margarethe is overcome by paranoia and gradually loses touch with reality.


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Mesut by Alexia Roider and Michalis Kalopaidis

Format carréAnnecy3

"Mesut" is based on the true story of a boy who wants to learn to dance, but has to postpone his dream. It is the story of those men and women around the world whose lives are marked by conflict. Loss and separation plague them, but art soothes and instills the need for fulfillment.


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Oscar by Polyxeny Katsari and Matina Fykari

Oscar Katsari and Fykari

Oscar, an orphan living alone in an abandoned house, discovers an old music box. This triggers a series of events that lead him to the family vault where secrets are waiting to be revealed.


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Pasos para volar by Nicolàs Conte

Pasos para volar

Locked in a room with a window that opens to the left, a bird teaches a chick to fly, even though it has no wings. The appearance of a mysterious suitcase ruins his plans and reveals to the chick an unexpected opportunity to escape.


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The Birds of Paradise by Tomek Ducki

The Birds of ParadiseIn an infinite void, a flock of young birds live and create a territory by defecating. One day they find a mysterious boot with magical powers that allows them to produce more excrement. This makes land expansion faster and easier!


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Signal by Mathilde Parquet and Emma Carré
Signal Mathilde Parquet Emma Carré

Claudie has a strange job. She probes space for signs of extraterrestrial life in order to establish contact. But what if, by spending so much time looking into the infinite space, she ends up losing contact with Earth?


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Sulaimani by Vinnie Ann Bose and Patricia Valeix

SulaimaniAlia and Neena, two young Indian women, each have dinner at Sulaimani, an Indian restaurant in Paris. The meal brings back certain memories that gradually reveal why they left their country. Alia could no longer stand the culture of traditional India and was in conflict with her family. Neena has to support her husband and children back home. Their reasons may be different, but they share the same nostalgia during this dinner that brings them a little closer to home.

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Zanadrano (enfant de l'eau) by Ridha Andriantomanga


What is a mother prepared to do to satisfy her desire for a child? Would she go so far as to sign a pact, without measuring the consequences? Are a father's strength and a mother's love enough to protect the child? A philosophical tale about the bond between parents and their child.


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Long Features

Annah la Javanaise by Fatimah Tobing Rony

Annah la javanaise

Paris, 1894. A 13-year-old Javanese girl escapes from the home of the painter Paul Gauguin, to whom she had been smuggled as a servant and model. In search of money to return to her family, she disguises herself as a boy and finds work with the other outcasts of the famous Fernando circus. This is the story of her journey to freedom and home.


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Flow by Gints Zilbalodis


There are two things Cat doesn't like: water and being with others. His life is turned upside down when his island is devastated by a flood. He is then rescued by a boat led by a friendly rodent.


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Goliath & Me by Michelle Kranot and Uri Kranot

Goliath & Me

Asher dreams of being a great warrior. Unfortunately, he is too young and too small for the army. But when, by chance, he becomes the shield bearer of the legendary giant Goliath, he discovers a very different kind of champion. A retelling of the David and Goliath myth, told from a surprising point of view.


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Hanta by Emilia Ramos


In 1968, Bohumill is at the height of his fame, but the writer becomes censored. To save himself, he pretends to comply with the government of the day while secretly writing a novel about Hanta, an old censored book presser. Bohumill's reality intertwines with Hanta's fiction in a dangerous context for both of them, and death will be their only outcome.

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In Waves by Phuong Mai Nguyen

In Waves

AJ and Kristen meet in high school in Los Angeles, and fall madly in love with each other. As their love grows, Kristen's life is turned upside down by illness. Together, they will fight adversity and live their shared passion for surfing to the end.


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Porcelain Birds by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata

Porcelain birds

In 1998, Kayo, a Japanese high school student, arrives in California on an exchange program funded by Henry Hughes, an American billionaire. Kayo struggles to fit into the culture.


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Sidi Kaba et la porte du retour by Rony Hotin

Sidi Kaba et la porte du retour

Sheltered in the belly of a whale, here is the young Sidi Kaba, starting his incredible adventure, where the fate of his brother and the slaves of the Sugar Island depend on a Homeric battle between brown resisters, slavers and forgotten Gods.


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The Dragon's Treasure by Ashkan Rahgozar

The Dragon's Treasure

Sayeh, 8 years old, goes on an adventure to find the dragon's treasure and save her grandmother's village from drought. She doesn't know that the real treasure is the water with which she must fill all the aqueducts.


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Series and Special TV


Anesou et les Shégués by Daniel Cattier Maseko and Nadia Micault

Anesou et les shegelés

"Anesou" tells the story of a 10 year old girl who travels back in time to the great African civilizations.


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Cosmonots by Jac Clinch


Somewhere behind the Iron Curtain, as the regime crumbles around them, three mismatched cosmonauts await the orders that will launch them into orbit. Or pulverise them into tiny pieces.


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Ivy's Bookshop by Joshua Hogan

Ivy's Bookshop

Ivy is a young female dragon. She has a passion for reading and a thirst for knowledge, but suffers from dyslexia, which means that she learns a little differently than the others.


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 Jose Trueno by Ariel Augusto Loez Verdesco
Jose Trueno

Joe Caruso is a bigoted retiree who, thanks to a secret app, can transform himself into 18-year-old social influencer "Joe Thunder". But to become a teenage star, this bitter old coot will still have to learn a few tricks, get rid of his bigotry, and most importantly, start by finding out what an influencer is!

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Kuttan the Medicine Boy by Anand Babu

Kuttan the medicine Boy

Kuttan, born from an act of witchcraft, is a pot-bellied character, but gifted with sensitivity. Under the tutelage of Vaidyan, a village doctor, he grows up to become Kuttan the healer.


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L'Ourse et l'oiseau by Marie Caudry

L'ourse et l'oiseau 

In the North, winter is coming. A bear thinks of her bird friend who has migrated south. Instead of hibernating as she does every year, she decides to cross the world to join him.


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Papa et moi by Olesya Shchukina

Papa et moi In Pskov, a small village in Russia, live peacefully Fiodor, a dreamy teacher, and Alyona, his six-year-old daughter, curious about everything. A stroke of fate gives them the opportunity to leave for Paris where a new life is offered to them. Each, in his own way, will try to adapt to it.


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Pour exister by Fabien Corre and Kelsi Phung

Pour exister

Binh, 19 years old, questions his non-binarity. Thanks to Jeanne, a young transgender woman who opens the doors of her association to him, he discovers the LGBTI+ community and searches for the place that will be his.

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Sybil and her Past Lives by Isabela Littger De Pinho and Lara Arrigoni Manesco

Sybil and her past lives

After breaking the dream-catcher of her childhood, Sybil unwittingly releases the spirits of her past lives. She sets out on a journey to unravel their mystery and eventually discovers her inner truth


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Who's Our Sub Today? by Chun-chien Lien

Who's our sub today?

A set of the strangest substitute teachers have been assigned to their class for the semester. Ben, the class president, and his mischievous classmates must learn to survive school on their own.


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The pitches also include 7 digital experiences in development, as well as the MIFA BD pitches which, in collaboration with several international comic book festivals, initiate possible adaptations from the pages to the screen.

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