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Successful prospecting with your Moonday pipeline!

Jan 12, 2021 9:13:54 AM / by Hélène Lambert

Stop filling in endless excel tables. Whether you work for a production company, festival, film fund, sales agency, union or commission, you can organise all the productions you are prospecting on Moonday

Every single production in which you have an acquisition interest can be added and classified on your Moonday pipeline!

NB: this video is also available in French and Dutch versions.  

Are you interested in a specific production?
Have you already read its scenario?
Have you attended the screening?
Has one of your colleagues made an offer?
Is the deal already done?
Has an agreement been reached?

Every production can be organised according to its level of prospecting. And if the production's status has evolved, you can always manually drag a production-card from one step to another.

PS: As soon as a deal is done and a production is added to your Moonday catalogue, the production's rightful owner is notified and must approve that information.

Your pipeline is fully secure and only visible to you and your colleagues. Don't hesitate to invite them to join you on Moonday to communicate efficiently on productions and allow them to enjoy the platforms' useful and intuitive features!

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Written by Hélène Lambert

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