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Thanks to our tutorial videos, Moonday has no more secrets for you!

Mar 9, 2021 10:21:34 AM / by Hélène Lambert

Do you only use a small part of Moonday's tools? Let our tutorials take you through all the platform's advantages and features.

These tutorial videos are available in English, French and Dutch and show you how to optimise your use of the platform, save time and gain efficiency in your daily work!

Are you registered on Moonday via your company?
Complete your productions catalog!


Are you self-employed?
Add productions to your filmography!


Follow productions, companies and professionals so that you don't miss any of their news.


Make precise searches and be notified as soon as a new production matching your search criteria arrives on Moonday!


No more multiplying excel tables! Classify productions according to their stage of prospection on your Moonday pipeline!


Communicate with your colleagues by sending them notes directly on your professional social network! 


No more untimely sent emails! Assign tasks to your colleagues and set deadlines directly on Moonday! 

Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask them via the Moonday intercom or by registering for one of our webinars

And subscribe to our Youtube channel to find all our tutorial videos! 

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Written by Hélène Lambert

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