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The mobile app is brand new, thanks to you

Jul 26, 2022 12:31:30 AM / by Moïra Kienen

Moonday is constantly evolving. The whole team is working hard to make Moonday a little bit better everyday, but the platform would not improve without your precious feedback!

You might have noticed that our mobile application was not up to scratch before.  We couldn't see when the page was loading, we didn't know if our requests were being sent correctly,... In short, we could do better. With about 7000 users, feedback is really important to us. This is what makes Moonday evolve and allows us to respond to your needs. 

🎉 Well guess what! We listened to you and came up with a more user-friendly application.  Better looking, better working, the time when you had to wait for a page to load is over. Now you just have to click on the different sections to go directly to them. No more scrolling!

As a reminder of the old version, here are some before (left) and after (right) screenshots for you to see the evolution.


R.I.P. old version. We will not miss you. And you who are reading this, thank you. It's true that it's better now! Of course we are not done yet and while Moonday offers great possibilities to audiovisual professionals, we aim to get better everyday.  So stay tuned, we'll have plenty more to show you! 🚀

Want to share your thoughts with us and send a feedback to the Moonday team? Please do!
You can send us a message directly on Moonday by using the Intercom or send us an email at We can't wait to hear from you !

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Written by Moïra Kienen

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