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May 3, 2021 6:14:21 PM / by Julie Sacré

The second edition of the European Co-Production Forum (ECPF) organized by Ecran Total took place on 29 and 30 April. This online version included 4 exclusive talks given by an international panel of professionals to discuss and challenge the future of co-production in a post-pandemic economy. 


ecpf-2021Ecran Total


Chaired by Charlotte Appelgren, General Secretary in Cineregio, the meeting about the European regional funds was the perfect occasion to remind the great opportunities offered for European co-production thanks to the diversity amongst the funds. Three of them presented the possibilities for international co-production in the production phase:


Vignette Virginie Nouvelle


Virginie Nouvelle, CEO of Wallimage, talked to the audience about the “Belgian Double Dip”. Indeed, Wallimage is financing up to 25% of your audiovisual expenditures in Wallonia. But the same amount of money is also eligible to the Tax Shelter which covers up to 41%. For one expenditure, you can reach two partners and up to 66% of your financing.

Virginie Nouvelle also recalled the new Wallimage project: Wallimpact. An economic fund for projects in the development phase. 3 very selective sessions per year will allow a loan to only one or two projects per session. This loan is a big risk for Wallimage: you only have to reimburse if the project finally exists.


Budget of Wallimage Co-production: 6.5 million per year

Who can apply for funding? Belgian audiovisual producers. International co-production welcome, but you must have a Belgian partner.

For what kind of project? Wallimage finances every type of audiovisual productions (long-feature films, TV formats, and pilots, series, AR/VR) except short films.

Main selection criteria: 

- Quality and amount of Walloon audiovisual expenditures (audiovisual technicians who live in Wallonia, audiovisual companies established in Wallonia such as shooting facilities, post-production images, sound, VFX, animation studio).

- Commercial potential 

What kind of financial help? As a co-producer, Wallimage has access to the revenues

When to submit? There are five sessions per year, the next application submission deadline is on June 4, 2021







The Fund is open to international co-production. Gerlinde Seitnervie, the managing director, underlined they recently supported Quo Vadis, Aida? (Jasmila Žbanić, 2021)


Budget of FilmFonds Wien: 11.5 million per year

Who can apply for funding? Independent productions companies with a permanent establishment or subsidiary in Austria and a proven track record, i.e. a local and experienced production company. 

For what kind of project? Feature-length projects only, Filmfonds Wien does not fund shorts.

Main selection criteria: Television fundings are extremely Vienna-focused, but cinema criteria are a little bit wider. The support has to be spent on local talents, creative staff, and production facilities.

- Ideally, a co-production should be shot in Vienna or based on local content, but projects with a very strong regional effect also come into consideration.

- Artistic merit of the project

What kind of financial help? Soft loans, so reimbursable but at a very interesting level for the producers. 

When to submit? There are four sessions per year, the next application submission deadlines are Mei and September 2021.





CICLIC - Centre Val de Loire (France)


CICLIC have different sorts of help available, but Pierre Dallois put two International Development schemes into light:


- For 1st and 2nd Feature Films in the writing phase

Projects can apply for first support during the writing phase (up to 20.000€). If they get it, they can apply for second support in the development phase (also up to 20.000€). The same project can therefore reach a 40.000€ support, without any obligation of territorial expenditure.


- For International co-development

Projects can reach support up to 40.000€. You can combine this scheme with the first one.


Budget of Ciclic: 2.5 million per year

Who can apply for funding? The only condition to be eligible for both schemes is to co-produce with one of our regional producers.

For what kind of project? 

- Length or short feature
- Fiction, documentary, animation
- Series and television projects

Main selection criteria: Find it here

What kind of financial help? Free money, without any obligations of territorial expenditures

When to submit? Next submission for May 10, 2021

More information about ECPF?

The four exclusive talks are available in replay here.


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Written by Julie Sacré

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